Zygmunt III Waza – portret

Zygmunt III Waza. Portet z atrybucją Davida Kloeckera Ehrenstrahla

Portret Zygmunta III Wazy. Może któreś z polskich muzeów?

Lot 765767. DAVID KLÖCKER EHRENSTRAHL (1629-1698), his studio: Portrait of King Sigismund of Sweden – King Zygmunt III Waza of Poland-Lithuania (1566-1632), wearing a harness, gold embroidered dark blue mantle over the “Roman” costume, holding a commando in the background antique building – sitting kneecap, oil on canvas, 147×126 cm. Biby Fideikommiss, inventory number 6. Registered in the Swedish Portrait Archive, Sig: 24, page 111 in the index authority. PROVENIENS < br> Biby Fideikommiss, Gillberga parish, county of Södermanland Stockholms Auktionsverk, Classic, spring 2014, catalog no. 1195. LITTERATUR. Swedish castle and men’s sites at the beginning of the 20th century, Södermanland, Stockholm 1908, depicted in interior page 169. Estimate SEK 40,000. Stockholms Auktionwerk. 05/10/20

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