Tadeusz Makowski (1882 – 1932)



Lot 0100. Tede Makowski (POLISH, 1882 – 1932)
Two Friends, oil on panel. Measures: 10 x 8 inches, framed, sight: 7 x 5 1/2 inches. Signed lower right

Starting $500. Estimate: $1,000 – $2,000. Christiana Auction Gallery. 10/20/16

Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz (1852 – 1916)


Lot 1249. Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz (Wieliczka 1852–1916 Krakow)
Portrait of a society lady, half-length (probably soprano Jozefine Reszke), signed, dated Tad. Ajdukiewicz (1)879, oil on canvas, 132 x 87.5 cm, framed
Provenance:  continuous family ownership since 1892, Austria.
We are grateful to Izabela Wiercinska (curator at the National Museum, Warsaw) for her scientific assistance.
Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz was known in Warsaw as the portraitist of actresses and female singers. The lady represented here may be the singer Jozefine Reszke (1855–1891), who was a well-known soprano singer in Warsaw and who also had great success internationally. The singer performed in almost all notable opera houses, mostly in main roles. Highlights of her career included performances at the Parisian opera and as the prima donna in the Madrid Teatro Réal. She donated most of her earnings for her performances in Poland to philanthropic projects and was very popular amongst the people. The Krakow society, therefore, commissioned a portrait by Ajdukiewicz in her honour, which was then exhibited in the National Museum before her future husband, the manufacturer and banker Leopold Julian Kronenberg, exchanged another painting from his collection for it, keeping this portrait for his private collection in Warsaw.

Estimate 7,000-10,000 euro. Dorotheum. 10/20/16 (1615000)

Wawrzyniec Chorembalski (1888 – 1965)


Dobry, przedwojenny pejzaż. Czemu tak tanio został wyceniony?


1640/60: Wawrzyniec Chorembalski: An autumn forest. Signed and dated W. Chorembalski 1934. Oil on canvas. 44 x 64 cm.

Wawrzyniec Chorembalski, b. Zawichost 1888, d. Warsaw 1965

Estimate kr 2,000-3,000 (270-405 euro). Rasmussen. 10/03/16

Ignacy Zygmuntowicz (1875 – 1946/7)


Pamiątka z przedwojennej Warszawy z widokiem na kościół św. Aleksandra na Placu Trzech Krzyży, zniszczony przez Niemców. Wiele autorskich replik tej sceny jest znanych.

O plowę za drogo. Podobny obrazek sprzedano dwa dni temu w Doyle za $2,125 – też za drogo.


Lot 4740. Zygmuntowicz, Ignacy: Frierender Kutscher. Öl/Leinwand, rechts unten signiert, auf Rahmenschild bezeichnet, verso bezeichnet und als “Warschau” betitelt. Wartender Kutscher unter einer Laterne, vor einem Gebäude mit hoher Kuppel, bei regnerischem Wetter. 55 x 65 cm, Silberstuckrahmen 69 x 79 cm. Polnischer Genremaler (1875 Warschau – 1947 Lodz), auch bekannt als Czeslaw Wasilewski.

Limit 1,800 euro. Wendl. 10/22/16

Abraham Weinbaum (1890 – 1943)


Lot 136. Abraham WEINBAUM 1890 – 1943
L’artiste et sa femme
Huile sur toile . Signée en bas à droite “A. Weinbaum” ; 73 x 56,50 cm (28,74 x 22,24 in.). Commentaire : Oil on canvas; signed lower right

Estimate 3,000-4,000 euro. Artcurial. 10/18/16

Julian Bończa-Tomaszewski (1834 – 1920)


Jedna z najbardziej znaczących prac Juliana Bończy-Tomaszewskiego. Poszukuję ‘Iwana Groźnego’ tego malarza, znanego z b/c fotografii.


Julian Boncza Tomaszewski (Polish, 1834-1920)

Peter the Great visiting Cardinal Richelieu’s tomb in the Sorbonne, 1717
signed ‘J. BONCZA./ J. Tomaszewski’ (in Latin and Cyrillic, lower right); inscribed in French and German with title and artist’s name on old exhibition labels (on the stretcher)
oil on canvas
33 1/2 x 52 1/2in (85 x 133.5cm)

Born in St. Petersburg in 1834, Julian Boncza Tomaszewski (Бонча-Томашевский Юлий Осипович) trained at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art with Feodor Antonov Bruni and was first mentioned in 1856 for medals received for paintings based on the New Testament. In 1860 he left for Italy to complete his training and from 1861 until 1877 he lived in Paris, participating at the yearly Salons.

Boncza Tomaszewski considered himself Polish and adopted early on a Latin signature. Nevertheless, he was patronized by the Russian Imperial family, and his painting ‘The Three Rulers of Russia’ was acquired by the Emperor Alexander III and was part of the Imperial collection in the Winter Palace.

The present work depicts a historical scene of 3 June 1717, when the Russian Emperor Peter I, later known as Peter the Great, visited the Sorbonne as part of his extended European voyage. Legend has it that upon seeing the monument to Richelieu, whom the Emperor greatly admired, Peter embraced the statue and lamented that he would give half of his empire to the Cardinal, to instruct him on how to rule the remaining half.
The painting has been mentioned as having been exhibited in St. Petersburg but no concrete information is available.

Estimate $8,000-12,000. Bonhams (NY). 11/02/16 (1616250b)

Leon Wyczółkowski (1852 – 1936)





Lot 1247. Leon Wyczolkowski (Huta Miastowska 1852–1936 Warsaw)
At the foot of Wawel Castle in Krakow, signed L. Wyczol, on the reverse exhibition stamp Salon Artystow Malarzy Polskich Krakow, oil on canvas laid down on board, 46 x 50 cm, framed.

Provenance: Private Collection, Germany.
Estimate EUR 6,000 to 8,000. Dorotheum. 10/20/16. (1618750)

Ludwik Klimek (1912 – 1992)


Lot 173. Ludwig KLIMEK (1912-1992) La Reine de la Forêt Crayons de couleurs, cachet de l’atelier 32 x 44 cm.

Estimate 50-100 euro. MARAMBAT – de MALAFOSSE et MARAMBAT- de MALAFOSSE sarl (Successeurs de Me CHASSAING). 09/27/16.