W dziale z autografami będę przedstawiał wybrane listy/dokumenty pojawiające się na rynkach antykwarycznych znanych Polaków lub osób związanych z Polską. Proszę zaglądać od czasu do czasu.

Fryderyk Chopin (1810 – 1849)

Lot 1114.

CHOPIN Frédéric (1810-1849).
MANUSCRIT MUSICAL autograph signed “Ch”, Allegretto and Mazur [KK VIIb 7-8], [ca. 1832-1833]; 1 page oblong in-fol. of heavyweight laid paper (22.8 x 28.7 cm), in a red morocco folder, slipcase. Two short works for piano, inspired by Polish folk music, which in turn inspired Franz Liszt.
On the same oblong 12-line sheet of paper, Chopin carefully inscribed in brown ink a 24-bar Allegretto (“Alltto”) in A major, then in “Minor” (as Chopin wrote), on 3 systems of 2 staves; then after a staff left blank, a 14-bar “Mazur” (Mazurka) (18 bars with reprise) in 3/4 D minor, on 2 systems. Each piece is signed with a double “Ch” at the end of the staves (four times in total).
Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, who dates this page around 1832-1833, has not been able to identify in the Polish songbooks the melodies of these short piano works inspired to Chopin by the popular music of his native country; but he points out that “his memory was marked by such songs from his earliest years,” and that the harmonization is entirely Chopinian. He also pointed out that this modest Allegretto has left its mark on Franz LISZT’s work: in the Duo-Sonata for violin and piano S 127, and in No. 2 of Woronince’s Glanes for piano S 249. In the portfolio containing this precious manuscript, the signatures of Arthur Rubinstein (1931) and Vladimir Horowitz (1978) were mounted, who probably admired it.
Bibliography: first published by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, “Un autographe musical inédit de Chopin,” Schweizerische Musikzeitung / Revue musicale suisse, CXV/1 (January-February 1975), pp. 18-23; Krystyna Kobylanska, Frédéric Chopin: Thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis (1979), no. VII b 7-8; Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, “Deux timbres populaires polonais harmonisés par Chopin. Repercussions chez Liszt”, in Frédéric Chopin. Interpretations (Geneva, Droz, 2005), pp. 139-160. Provenance: former collection Gustave BORD (30 March 1906, no. 23 bis); then Sacha GUITRY (21 November 1974, no. 15); Frederick Lewis Maitland PATTISON (ex libris, Christie’s sale, London 21 May 2014, no. 17).
Discography: Cyprien Katsaris (Sony, 1993).Estimate 80,000 -100,000 euro. Ader. 11/20/20

Lot 1273. CHOPIN Frédéric (1810 1849)
L.A.S. “Ch.”, Saturday [December 12, 1846, to George SAND]; 1 page in-8 (2 small spots).
Very rare letter to George Sand, one of the few letters from Chopin that was not burnt by George Sand.
“How nice it is for your living room to be warm – for your Nohant snow to be charming – and for youth to do carnival! – Do you have a sufficient repertoire of contrasts to make the orchestra? BORIE has come to see me and I will send her the piece of cloth you are talking about. – Grzym [Albert GRZYMALA] is almost well; – but here comes PLEYEL with a recurrence of fever. He has become invisible. – I’m glad the bad weather here is not affecting you. Be happy and well and so are yours. Your all devoted Ch “…
Kobylanska n° 24; Sidow-Chainaye n° 631; Lubin, VII, p. 562. Estimate 20,000 – 25,000 euro. Aguttes. 11/20/20

Lot 1116. CHOPIN Frédéric (1810-1849).
L.A.S. “Ch”, [London] May 1, 1848, to Auguste FRANCHOMME, “Professor at the Conservatoire” in Paris; 2 1/2 pages in-8 with some erasures, envelope with postmarks. On his arrival in London. [Chopin announces to his close friend, the cellist Auguste Franchomme (1808-1884), his arrival in London, for his last tour, while Paris is troubled by the aftermath of the February revolution; he will die the following year, and is already suffering from tuberculosis, which will take him away]. ” Chérissime, Me voilà seulement installé. I finally have a room – beautiful and large – where I can breathe and play – and the sun is coming to see me today for the first time. I’m less suffocating this morning but all last week I was good for nothing. – How are you? How are you and your dear children? – You’re starting to get quieter, aren’t you? – I’m not doing anything yet. I have some boring visits – my letters haven’t come in yet. – I’m wasting time on nothing – and that’s it. “I love you”… He gives his address: “48, Dover Str.” Estimate 30,000 – 35,000 euro. Ader. 11/20/20

Lot 1115. CHOPIN Frédéric (1810-1849).
L.A.S. ” Ch. “, to Henri NOUGUIER; half page in-8 of a superfine paper bifeuillet with its number FC,
address p. 4 “. Cherissime – Tomorrow I won’t be able to make it before noon – so see you next Saturday. Tout à v. de corde Ch “.
Henri NOUGUIER (1805-1891), approved at the Commercial Court, then lawyer at the Court of Cassation, lived at 2 rue Colbert, address given by Chopin on the address sheet. An L.A.S. of sending Noël CHARAVAY about this letter is attached, October 3, 1904. Estimate 5,000 – 7,000 uro. Ader. 11/20/20

Stanisław Leszczyński (1677 – 1766)

Lot 975. STANISLAS LESZCZYNSKI (1677-1766) Roi de Pologne, beau-père de Louis XV, souverain des duchés de Bar et de Lorraine L.A.S. «Stanislas Rex», Chambord 15 février 1727, [au cardinal de FLEURY] ; 1 page in-4. Le père de la Reine dit «le desir veritable» qu’il a depuis longtemps de connaître le cardinal et la satisfaction qu’il a éprouvée à recevoir sa lettre, «qui me rend assuré que vous estes persuadé de la justice que je rends a Vos mrites infynies que j’ay toujours considerez avec une estime et attachement parfait». Il veillera à ne point manquer toute occasion de lui exprimer ses sentiments… Il ajoute : «Je suis bien charmé d’apprendre que vous avez lieu d’estre content de la Reyne ma fille. La Reyne de Pologne qui vous assure de son amitié cherchera a l’envie touts les moyens pour Vous marquer la consideration qu’elle a pour Vostre digne personne». Estimate 1 000 – 1 500 €. Aguttes. 11/17/20

Stanisław Leszczyński (1677 – 1766)

Lot 636. STANISLAS LESZCZYNSKI (1677-1766) King of Poland, Duke of Lorraine, father of Queen Mary Leszczynska. L.A.S., Menars 9 September 1729, to a lady; 3 / 4 page in-4. Birth of his grandson the Dauphin Louis (4 September 1729-1765, father of Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X).
“Madame On ne scauroit estre plus sensible que je suisre au souvenir que vous me temoignons a l’occasion du plus heureux évenement de ma vie le transport de ma joye ne me empêcher pas de goutter le plaisir que me donne la part que vous prenez a ce qui interesse Celuy qui est tres parfaitement vostre bien affectioné “… Estimate 500 – 600 euro. Ader. 10/07/20

Maria Kazimiera Sobieska (1641 – 1716)

Lot 2720. Maria Kazimiera Sobieska, Königin von Polen: Eigenhändiger BriefPolen. – Maria Kazimiera  Sobieska,Königin von Polen und Großfürstin von Litauen, aus Frankreich stammende Gemahlin König Johanns III. Sobieski, urspr. Marie Casimire Louise de La Grange d’Arquien (1641-1716). Eigh. Brief m. U. “Marie Casimire Reyne”. In franz. Sprache. 21/3 S. Doppelblatt. Rom 29.VI. (um 1700).
Eigenhändig an einen ihrer Söhne, wahrscheinlich den Thronanwärter Jakob. Über ihren Neffen, vermutlich Louis Marie Victor, Comte de Béthune, einen Sohn ihrer Schwester Marie Louise de La Grange, die mit François-Gaston de Béthune, Marquis de Chabris, verheiratet war. “Je ne mis refuser mon tres cher fils ces lignes pour vous auxs conte de Betune mon nepueu par les quelle ie vous pries davoir de la bonté pour luy pandant le tenps de la campaygne … ie croyres que ce quil mest deburet les luy atirer oultre quil non nest pas indignes. mais dun autre cotes ie ne me flate de rien si non que si vous macordes vostre protection pour luy que ie vous demande …”. Opening 650 euro. Galerie Bassenge. 10/07/20

August II Mocny (1670 – 1733)

Lot 63. Brief von Friedrich August, König von Polen, Herzog zu Sachsen, Jülich, Cleve, Berg, Engern und Westfalen vom 23.4.1708 an Rudolph Jünger, Amtmann zu Wurtzen, Handschrift auf Papier, mit Blindstempel, 33 x 20 cm. Reserve 150 euro. Auktionshaus Dr. Eder. 09/26/20. Sold 340 euro

Stanisław Leszczyński (1677 – 1766)

List Stanisława Leszczyńskiego z roku 1756 nadający szlachectwo jakiemuś Francuzowi. Dokument jest drogo wyceniony i być może jest mało atrakcyjny dla polskiego kolekcjonera z powodu, że Leszczyński już nie był królem Polski (choć zachował ten tytul dożywotnio). De-facto, Leszczyński rezydując wtedy we Francji, był księciem Lotaryngii i Baru.

Lot 1315. STANISLAS I (roi de Pologne). Lettres de Noblesse pour Jean-Jacques Baligand, le 5 janvier 1756 par Stanislas, Roy de Pologne. Lunéville, 1756.
Manuscrit in-plano (75 x 60 cm) sur vélin, cordelettes et sceau de cire.
Document contresigné et entériné par la Chambre des comptes de Lorraine le 5 janvier 1756 : “Stanislas par la Grace de Dieu Roi de Pologne Duc de Lorraine et de Bar…ait mettre et appendice notre grand scel, donné en notre ville de Lunéville, le sixième septembre mil sept cent cinquante six”. Armoiries de Lorraine et du gentilhomme Jean Jacques Baligand (1697-1762), rehaussées d’or, peintes en marge du document. Signature autographe du roi Stanislas.
“Jean-Jacques Baligand, né à Baives dans le Hainaut, le 11 mars 1697, avait surtout fait ses preuves comme spécialiste des canaux du Loing et de Picardie en 1744, il avait fait imprimer un projet de canal de navigation de Laon à Manicamp. La place d’ingénieur en chef des ponts et chaussées de Lorraine et Barrois, créée en 1750, lui échoit quand il est dans la force de l’âge, avec, sans doute, des habitudes prises et une technique assurée dans sa spécialité – celle des voies de communication. Il n’est pas au service de Lorraine depuis six ans que Stanislas, pour reconnaître ses mérites, lui confère la noblesse ; un terrain qu’il tient du roi de Pologne, à Nancy, dans le quartier d’Alliance, lui permet de construire plusieurs maisons qu’il vend presque aussitôt. Lui-même, logé à l’hôtel de la Monnaie, devait mourir en 1762 et être enseveli dans l’église Saint-Epvre” (Bulletin de la Société philomatique vosgienne, 1930). Estimate 2,000 – 3,000 euro. Pastaud. 08/23/20

Książe Józef Poniatowski (1763 – 1813)

Lot 863. PONIATOWSKI JOZEF: (1763-1813) Polish General, Minister of War and Army Chief. Marshal of the Empire. An excellent L.S., `Joseph Prince Poniatowski´, one page, folio, Paris, 7th July 1811, to the Minister of War Duke de Feltre, in French. Poniatowski, in his capacity as General of division and Chief Commander of the Polish army, tries to help some compatriots during his stay in Paris, stating in part `Monsieur Hussarzewski, Lieutenant serving in the Vistula Corps, having obtained last 2nd of February the retreat as a result of his wounds in the war of Spain and after decision of His Majesty the Emperor, is waiting here for your Excellency decision about the quality of the retreat; but this officer, belonging to a very important family from the Duchy of Warsaw, has spent all his money and is out of any income…´ further saying `Knowing that Your Excellency has always shown testimony of his kindness towards Polish military officers…´. A cleanly written letter in very fine condition. Folded. VG At the time of the present letter, Poniatowski was in Paris invited to attend the festivities on the occasion of the birth of Bonaparte´s son, Prince Imperial and King of Rome Napoleon II, born on 20th March 1811. During his stay Poniatowski had a love affair with Pauline Bonaparte, younger sister of Napoleon, an affair which became the gossip in Paris. Poniatowski tried to leave Paris immediately after the celebrations but Napoleon kept him in Paris until the 15th of August for his birthday. Curiously the letter sheet bears an English watermark ”Skeats – 1808”, considering that Napoleon had ordered a Continental Blockade since 21st November 1806. Estimate €2,500 – €3,500. International Autograph Auction Europe. 07/23/20

Adam Czartoryski (1770 – 1861)

Lot 694. CZARTORYSKI ADAM JERZY: (1770-1861) Polish Nobleman, Statesman, Diplomat & Author. L.S., Czartoryski, three pages, 4to, Paris, 15th June 1855, to Thomas J. N. Brogden, Mayor of Lincoln. Czartoryski commences ‘In answer to the address with which the Inhabitants of Lincoln have been pleased to honour me, I beg thankfully to say that these words of sympathy that reach me now so frequently from different parts of England, are a new proof, perhaps a necessary one at the present moment, that the question of Poland, very often so unjustly dealt with in some quarters, is at least thoroughly understood by the rightminded and thinking people of England’ and continues ‘My fellow exiles can therefore afford to pay no attention to prejudiced and unfounded statements when they are not countenanced by the people of England, the last judge in these matters. Consequently the Poles will read with gratitude the cordial words of your address, and will the more surely indulge in the hope that their unfortunate country, now the chief strength of Russia, the sole cause of her pernicious influence over Germany, a nursery for her armies, an incitement to further spoliations, and above all a bleeding victim of her insatiable ambition, will resume ere long….[and]…..her original and true position, as the best ally during war, and after the conclusion of peace, the most natural and the most necessary Bulwark of European tranquillity and freedom’. A letter of fine patriotic content. Some light creasing, dust staining, small tears and a few minor paper losses to the edges, only very slightly affecting the text but not the signature, G Thomas J. N. Brogden (1814-1880) English Bookseller and Newspaper owner, Mayor of Lincoln 1855 & 1879. Czartoryski began his political career as a foreign minister to Tsar Alexander I of Russia, although later became a leader of the Polish government in exile and a bitter opponent of Tsar Nicholas I. Estimate €600 – €900. International Autograph Auction Europe. 07/23/20

Władysław Sikorski (1880 – 1943)

Lot 769. SIKORSKI WLADYSLAW: (1881-1943) Polish military and political leading figure who promoted the cause of the independence of Poland from the Russian Empire. He served as Prime Minister of Poland 1922-23, and of the Polish government in exile during WWII. Sikorski died in a plane crash, the circumstances of the accident still remaining unclear. A very good signed and inscribed 5 x 7 photograph, the Vandyk image showing Sikorski in a head and shoulders pose, wearing his military uniform and decorations. Signed in bold blue ink to the lower white border `Sikorski´, in Polish, and dated beneath `London 22nd July 1942´ in his hand. Bearing to the verso an ink stamp of the London Photographer Vandyk, 41, Buckingham Palace Road. Signed portraits of Sikorsky are rare in any form. Very small age ear and toning, otherwise G Sikorski visited the England and the United States in 1942 looking for the allies support and pleading in favour of his invaded homeland. In his speeches he would say `The Polish Armed Forces have been fighting, are fighting and shall continue to fight on land, on sea and in the air, wherever the military forces of Germany can be destroyed.´. Estimate 1,200 – 1,800 euro. International Autograph Auction Europe. 07/23/20

Józef Piłsudski (1867 – 1935)

Lot 768. PILSUDSKI JOZEF: (1867-1935) Polish Statesman. First Marshal of Poland and Chief of State 1918-22. Pilsudski is widely considered the De Facto leader of the Polish Republic 1926-35 as minister of Military Affairs, and the father the Second Republic. Pilsudski remains regarded today as a respected Polish Patriot, and the Founder of the modern independent Poland. Extremely rare signed 8 x 10 photograph, `J.Pisuldski´, in Polish, the impressive image depicting the Marshal of Poland seated, wearing his military uniform and decorations, in a half length pose. Signed in bold black fountain pen ink at the base and to the matted border. A rare and desirable in any form signed photograph. Very small minor toning and staining to the matted edges only, and remnants of former affixing to the verso, otherwise VG. Estimate €2,000 – €3,000. International Autograph Auction Europe. 07/23/20

Katarzyna Opalińska (1680 – 1747)

List Katarzynu Opalińskiej, żony króla Stanisława Leszczyńskiego, teściowej króla francuskiego Ludwika XV i babki króla francuskiego Ludwika XVI.

Lot 692. OPALINSKA CATHERINE: (1680-1747) Queen consort of Poland and Grand Duchess Consort of Lithuania 1705-08 & 1733-36 as spouse of Stanislaw I of Poland. She lived in exile in Sweden and France since 1708. In 1725, her daughter Marie was chosen to be the Queen of France, which made Catherine mother-in-law to King Louis XV of France. After the wedding, Catherine and Stanislaw resided at the Chateau de Chambord. An excellent A.L.S., `Catherine Reyne de Pologne´, (`Catherine, Queen of Poland´), two pages, 4to, n.p. [France], 12th January 1739, to an unidentified lady, in French. The Queen apologizes for her late reply, only due to her bad health and unexpected bad events, and states in part `..despite my silence, I am keeping a deep esteem which I owe to you and an infinite recognition for all you have given testimony to me during my stay with you as well as with all your people who I will always love…´ In very fine condition. Estimate 600 – 900 euro. International Autograph Auction Europe. 07/23/20

Jan Tarnowski (1585 – 1669)

List Jana Tarnowskiego, arcybiskupa lwowskiego, z roku 1669, na kilka miesięcy przed swoją śmiercią, dość wpływowej osoby na dworze Jana Kazimierza.

Lot 99. Tarnowski, Johannes (Jan). Erzbischof von Lemberg (Lwow). Urkunde mit eh. Unterschrift. Lateinische Handschrift auf Pergament, Mit großer kalligraph. Initiale, dat. Lemberg, 6. Januar 1669. Qu.Gr.Fol. Mit den zusätzl. Unterschriften des Priors und der Mönche, ohne die siegel. Mehrf. gefalt. – Vertrag von Thomas Wierzbicki mit der Abbatiae Mogilensis. – Tls. etw. gebräunt. Estimate 240 euro. Antiquariat Peter Kiefer. 07/02/20

August III (1696 – 1763)

Lot 788. AUGUSTE III KING OF POLAND LETTER & MORE. Comprising a double folded sheet of laid paper dated October 29, 1743, written in French to Grand Marechal De La Couronne, boldly signed Auguste Roi. 10.25 inches x 7.25 inches (26 x 19 cm). Together with an 1808 dated single sheet letter in Polish, untranslated, apparently requesting the release from military duties of a Colonel Zielinski and signed Frederyk August for Frederick Augustus I of Saxony (1750-1827), 13.25 inches x 8.5 inches (33.5 x 21 cm). Estimate $150 – 200. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $900 (hammer)

Książe Józef Poniatowski (1763 – 1813)

Lot 787. JOZEF PONIATOWSKI SIGNED DOCUMENT. Dated May 8, 1813, the partially printed and hand inscribed double sheet document, in Polish, untranslated, on laid paper. Writing as Minister of War and being a release from military service granted to a Captain Gotebiowski, boldly signed by Jozef Poniatowski and with Minister of War seal. 12.25 inches x 7.5 inches (32 x 19 cm). Estimate $200 – 300. Jackon’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $2,200 (hammer)

Stefan Batory (1533 – 1586)

786. KING STEPHEN BATHORY OF POLAND SIGNED DOC. Comprising a large and impressive vellum signed document in Latin, the upper margin inscribed STEPHANUS DEI GRATIA above a lengthy inscription, untranslated, dated 1578, signed lower left Stephanus Rex. 12.25 inches x 21 inches (31 x 53.5 cm). Scarce. Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $$5,000 (hammer)

Książe Józef Poniatowski (1763 – 1813)

Lot 785. JOZEF PONIATOWSKI SIGNED DOCUMENT. The partially printed double sheet document in Polish, untranslated, dated 1811, and being an appointment to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to a Jozef Rebowski, boldly signed as Minister of War. 17.25 inches x 11 inches (44 x 28 cm). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $1,600 (hammer)

August II Mocny (1670 – 1733)

Lot 783. AUGUSTUS II KING OF POLAND SIGNED DOCUMENT. On double sheet of laid paper with coat of arms “E” watermark, inscribed in Polish, untranslated, boldly signed Augustus Rex. 8.25 inches x 12.5 inches (21 x 32 cm). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $850 (hammer)

Zygmunt III Waza (1566 – 1632)

Lot 784. RARE KING SIGISMUND III VASA OF POLAND DOCUMENT. Comprising a large signed vellum document in Latin, the upper margin inscribed SIGISMUNDUS TERTIUS above a lengthy inscription, untranslated, dated 1589 (second year of his reign), signed at left Sigismundus Rex. 14.25 inches x 20.5 inches (36 x 52 cm). Scarce. Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $1,800 (hammer)

Stanisław August Poniatowski (1732 – 1798)

Lot 782. S.A. PONIATOWSKI LAST KING OF POLAND DOC. On double sheet of laid paper in Polish, untranslated, dated January 4, 1769, and related to the dismissal of a student from the Korpus Kadetow (Corps of Cadets). Nice bold signature and red wax seal. Paper with fleur-de-lis watermark. 9.75 inches x 15 inches (24.5 x 38 cm). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $2,200 (hammer)

August II Mocny (1670 – 1733)

Lot 781. AUGUSTUS II KING OF POLAND SIGNED DOCUMENT. On double sheet of laid paper with coat of arms “Horn” watermark, in Polish, untranslated, boldly signed lower left Augustus Rex, 8 inches x 12.75 inches (20 x 32.5 cm). Provenance: The estate of Michael Albery (1893-1973). To his daughter Ursula Anna Smith née Albery (1922- 2018). Estimate $250- 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $650 (hammer)

August II Mocny (1670 – 1733)

Lot 780. AUGUSTUS II KING OF POLAND SIGNED DOCUMENT. On double sheet of laid paper, dated October 1697, in Latin, untranslated, boldly signed lower left Augustus Rex, and with large impressed seal. 9.25 inches x 14 inches (23.5 x 36 cm). Provenance: The estate of Michael Albery (1893-1973). To his daughter Ursula Anna Smith née Albery (1922- 2018). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $800 (hammer)

August II Mocny (1670 – 1733)

Lot 779. AUGUSTUS II KING OF POLAND SIGNED DOCUMENT. On double sheet of laid paper with Virgin and Child watermark, inscribed in Polish, untranslated, dated Warsaw, July 13, 1725. Boldly signed Augustus Rex and with remnant of large red seal. 13 inches x 15.25 inches (33 x 38.5 cm). Provenance: The estate of Michael Albery (1893-1973). To his daughter Ursula Anna Smith née Albery (1922- 2018). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $900 (hammer)

Stanisław August Poniatowski (1732 – 1798)

778. STANISLAW AUGUST PONIATOWSKI SIGNED DOC. On double sheet of laid paper in Polish, untranslated, being a multiple appointment of military officers dated 1792 with Imperial seal, large bold signature, paper with J. KOOL and coat of arms “Horn” watermark. Folds and old tape stains. An interesting document from the last king of Poland. 15 inches x 9.5 inches (38 x 24 cm). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $1,400 (hammer)

August II Mocny (1670 – 1733)

Lot 777. AUGUSTUS II KING OF POLAND SIGNED DOCUMENT. Comprising a 1720 dated double sheet of laid paper with impressed seal inscribed in Polish, untranslated, being a nomination for a provincial office of Starosta. Boldly signed Augustus Rex, folded and with staining, but large, strong signature and the document overall very legible. 8.25 inches x 13.25 inches (21 x 33.5 cm). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $900 (hammer)

Zygmunt III Waza (1566 – 1632)

Lot 776. RARE KING SIGISMUND III VASA OF POLAND DOCUMENT Important king of Poland and Sweden (1566-1632) whose long reign coincided with the apex of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s prestige, power, and economic influence. Rare LS in Latin, untranslated, signed “Sigismundus Rex,” double sheet 13” x 8.25” (33cm x 21cm) on laid paper with bear in shield watermark and red wax seal (untranslated). Estimate $250 – 500. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold 2,600 (hammer)

Tadeusz Kościuszko (1746 – 1817)

Lot 775. SCARCE TADEUSZ KOSCIUSZKO SIGNED DOCUMENT. The double sheet document of laid paper handwritten in Polish, untranslated, but appearing to be the nomination to General Major of Alexander Ziebinski, dated June 15, 1794, boldly signed T. Kosciuszko. Some loss to right edge, but good bold signature. 15.25 inches x 9.5 inches (39 x 24 cm). Estimate $500 – 750. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $14,000 (hammer)

Jan III Sobieski (1629 – 1696)

Lot 774. RARE JAN III SOBIESKI OF POLAND DOC. On double sheet of laid paper with shield “horn” watermark, dated 1695 inscribed in Polish, untranslated, boldly signed lower left. 13.5 inches x 8.75 inches (34 x 22 cm). Estimate $300 – 600. Jackson’s Auction. 06/24/20. Sold $5,500 (hammer)

Zygmunt III Waza (1566 – 1632)

Lot 149. A copy of the privilege of the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund III Vasa (1588-1632) to rule the town of Tver in the Duchy of Samogitia. Manuscript in Ruthenian (Cyrillic) and abbreviated translation into Polish on the other side.Vilnius, 1606, 16 x 20. Estimate €200 – €250. Ars Via. 06/04/20

Książe Józef Poniatowski (1763 – 1813)

List księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego z roku 1810.

Lot 378. Manuscript DS, in Polish, one page, 8 x 12, February 19, 1810. Letter to Minister of the Interior Jan Pawel Luszczewski, written in favor of Captain Kurosz, who had served valiantly in the infantry of the Polish army of the Warsaw Duchy, but whose forces were failing after his wounds and who solicited a place in the administration of the forests. In fine condition. Estimate $1,000 – 1,500. RR Auctions. 06/10/20

Jan III Sobieski (1629 – 1696)

Drugi z dokumentów sygnowany przez Jana Sobieskiego. Tym razem z 1680 roku. Aukcja w Dorotheum jeszcze sie nie zakończyłą a już są oferty kupna za 3,000 euro.

Lot 53. Johann III. Sobieski. König von Polen, Großfürst von Litauen, 1629 – 1696. Schreiben m. e. U., Warschau, 24. 4. 1680, 2 S., polnisch, großes papierged. Siegel, gebräunt und leicht fleckig, Einriss in der Faltung, 4to. Notariell beglaubigte Übersetzung liegt bei, Berlin, 24.9. 1880, 3 1/2 S., Stempel, 4to.

Mandat zur Umsetzung der Beschlüsse des unlängst in Schloss Grodno (Hrodne, Weißrussland) gehaltenen Sejm (polnische Nationalversammlung); betreffend Handelsverträge mit dem Reich und die Klagen des kaiserlichen Gesandten, wonach die Stadt Krakau unter Berufung auf das Lagerrecht der Kaufleute aus Schlesien den Warentransport über die Weichsel verwehrt; weiters mit detaillierten Anweisungen zur Neuordnung der Außenhandelsbeziehungen. Starting 500 euro. Dorotheum. 06/05/20

Jan III Sobieski (1629 – 1696)

List Jana III Sobieskiego sygnowany Jan Król. List napisany został na niecałe trzy miesiące przed śmiercią. Sygnatura została złożona już nieporadnie, drżącą reką, mocno schorowanego króla. Można porównać do sygnatury autora pisanej pewną reka z 1680 roku z listu sprzedawanego w Dorotheum (powyżej).

Wycena tego listu była mizerna (150-300 euro). Aukcja zakończyła się po długiej walce na 3,000 euro.

Lot 48. [Pologne – Lituanie] Jean III SOBIESKI (1629-1696), roi de Pologne et grand archiduc de Lithuanie. P.S., Varsovie, 26 avril 1696, 1 page oblong, avec signature autographe de Jean III Sobieski et superbe cachet estampé aux armes du grand-duché de Lituanie. Héros national polonais surnommé le Lion de Lechia, il délivra Vienne assiégée par les Turcs le 12 septembre 1683. Estimation: 150 – 300 €. ROUILLAC. 05/28/20. Sold 3,600 euro