Artur Markowicz (1872 – 1934)

Artur Markowicz. The prodigal child

Typowy, dobry, obraz Artura Markowicza trafiający tematyką głównie do stosunkowo wąskiego grona odbiorców kultury żydowskiej.

Lot 57. ARTUR MARKOWICZ (1872 1934). “The prodigal child”, circa 1920. Pastel on paper. Signed on the lower left. The scene shows a brilliant young pupil whose question seems to leave his teacher perplexed. Talmudic schools tend to make the relevance of questioning prevail over the pupils’ ability to know precise answers. H_18 cm L_59 cm (à vue) (7 ³/₃₂ x 23 ¹⁵/₆₄).
Artur Markowicz (1872-1934) is a Jewish realist painter and graphic artist born in Podgorze, next to Krakow in Poland. He is famous for his pastels of streets in the historic Jewish town of Kazimierz (nowadays a district of Krakow). His works can be found at the national Museum in Gdansk, Krakow, Warsow, and in other State Museums in Poland and Israel. He studied at the academy of fine arts in Krakow and in the academy of fine Arts in Munich and Paris. In 1904, he set up his studio in the historic district in Kazimierz. His Jewish scenes and characters studies show a unique originality of his style influenced by symbolism, with elements of expressionism. Estimate 2,000 – 4,000 euro. Pierre Berge & Associes. 02/01/21

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