Walenty Pytel (1941)

Dwie rzeźby Walentego Pytla, polskiego artysty pracującego w UK.


 Lot 118. Walenty Pytel born 1941 Poland. Squirrel, Mild Steel ,32cm.; 12½ins high by 10cm.; 4ins wide by 11cm.; 4ins deep. Estimate: £800 – £1,200.

Walenty Pytel is a Polish born contemporary artist based in the United Kingdom recognised as a leading metal sculptor of birds and beasts. His creations are often inspired by nature and his artworks include the Jubilee Fountain in New Palace Yard Westminster a piece titled Take Off which is located at Birmingham Airport and Europe~s largest (in 1979) metalwork sculpture^ The Fossor^ at the headquarters of J. C. Bamford in Rocester^ Staffordshire.


Lot 98. Walenty Pytel born 1941 Poland. Hawk, Steel, Unique, 74cm.; 29ins high by 30cm.; 12ins wide by 30cm.; 12ins deep. Estimate £800 – £1,200.

Summer Place Auctions. May 8, 2014.