Miniaturowy portret Izabelli Poniatowskiej, siostry króla Stanisława Augusta Poniatowskiego

DE LUSSE Jean-Jacques Thérésa. Izabella Poniatowska

Miniatura przedstawiająca Izabellę Poniatowską, siostrę Stanisława Augusta Poniatowskiego. Możliwość otarcia się w salonach o rodzinę królewską choć portret wykonany obca ręką.

Lot 114. DE LUSSE Jean-Jacques Thérésa (1758-1833). Portrait of Countess Isabella PONIATOWSKA (1730-1808)
Oval miniature, signed and dated on the right De Lusse/Pinxit 178-, depicting the sister of the King of Poland Stanisłas Auguste PONIATOWSKI, known as Madame Krakow, in bust, three-quarter right, in green dress edged with fur. In its original round gilt bronze frame bordered with a frieze of pearls and topped with a ribboned bow. On the back a handwritten paper in Polish identifying the subject sabella z Poniatowska hetmanowa Graf Branicka Pani krakowska Babka Isabelli Starzynski. 4.4 x 3.5 cm. Frame: 12.5 x 10.5 cm. Provenance: Izabella STARZYNSKA (1804-1897), born Countess MOSTOWSKA, wife of Edouard STARZYNSKi (1807-1864). To his son the count Boleslaw STARZYNSKI (1834-1917), historian born in Poland and established in Paris. Bequeathed by the latter to his cousin Joseph Marie Clément de NICOD de NEUVILLE, count of MAUGNY (1873-1944) and to his wife Margaretha, called Rita, Jeannette Émilie BUSSE (1882-1937). Then by descent. Estimate 600 – 800 euro. Fraysse @ Associes. 10/19/22

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