Stanisław Eleszkiewicz (1900 – 1963)

Stanisław Eleszkiewicz. Portrait of a man with a newspaper and a red scarf

Lot 14. Stanislas ELESZKIEWICZ (Czutowie k.Poltawy 1900 – Paris 1963). Portrait of a man with a newspaper and a red scarf. Circa 1930. Oil on cardboard. 65 x 50 cm. Signed lower left “S. Eleszkiewicz”
Stanislas Eleszkiewicz was born in 1900 in Czutowie, Poland. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and then at the Fine Arts Academy in Athens. He travelled to Italy and became known mainly as a stained glass decorator. He also specialises in mosaic and glass engraving.  Stanislas Eleszkiewicz is known mainly for his self-portraits, portraits, landscapes and street scenes. The Portrait of a Man with a Newspaper and Red Scarf is typical of the 1930s. Stanislas Eleszkiewicz depicts his model in a dark street in front with his face in profile. The hands are highlighted. The model is holding a newspaper in one hand and a cigarette in the other, creating a contrast with the black of the jacket. The red scarf, cigarette, newspaper and cap are accessories often associated with her male models. The artist’s pictorial universe is manifested in this work, the forms are moving, the palette used reveals a dominant of dark and contrasting colours. Estimate 8,000 – 12,000 euro. Millon. 11/10/20

Millon na aukcji tematycznej Ecole de Paris proponuje nie tylko w przypadku Eleszkiewicza rekordowo wysokie ceny estymacyjne. Eleszkiewicz malował dużo i bardzo podobnie zniekształcał postaci. Górny obraz jest smutny, ciemny, drogi, choć dobry.

Stanisław Eleszkiewicz. The undulating street

Lot 15. Stanislas ELESZKIEWICZ (Czutowie k.Poltawy 1900 – Paris 1963). The undulating street. Oil on cardboard. 46 x 60 cm. Signed lower right “S. Eleszkiewicz”. Estimate 6,000 – 8,000 euro. Millon. 11/10/20

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