Julian Fałat (1853 – 1929)

Julian Fałat. Winter landscape with river, 1913

Niech doprawdę martwią się ci wszyscy, którzy mają zamiar kupić te pracę, siedząc przy telefonie, patrząc w monitor komputera. Dla ułatwenia decyzji, podaje niżej kilka innych prac, z których chyba jedynie dwie są prawdziwe. Mógłbym odszukać więcej ale jestem dzisiaj bardzo leniwy.

Lot 1272. Julian Falat (1853 Tuliglowy near Lviv – 1929 Bystra near Bielsko-Biala). Winter landscape with river. View of a wide, snow-covered landscape with a narrow river meandering throughit. 1913, typical of the motif and style, the artist’s impressionistic work in the wide, panorama-like landscape format that is characteristic of him. The important Polish painter studied at the Krakow and Munich academies. In 1886 he met Crown Prince Wilhelm under Prince Anton von Radziwill in Nieswiez, and in 1889 he became court painter to the Emperor in Berlin. In 1895 he returned to Cracow, where he reformed the Academy. In his light-filled winter landscapes, which are among the focal points and highlights of his oeuvre, he took up the stylistic tendencies of the French Impressionists and the Munich Secession. Oil/painting cardboard. L. and sign. and date. 1913 with place name Bystra. About 39 cm x 106 cm. Frame. /V/Oil on cardboard. Signed and dated 1913 with location Bystra. Estimate 19,500 euro. Schloss Aldhen. 09/06/20

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