Stanisław Kamocki (1875 – 1944)

Stanisław. Kamocki. Interior view of the church of St. Stanislaw (St. Stanislaus) in Frydman (Friedmann)

Odgrzewany kotlet ( ), prawdopodobnie wątpliwego kucharza. Warto zwrócić uwagę na drastyczny spadek ceny estymacyjnej w porównaniu z nową wyceną, która nadal jest absurdalnie wysoka.

Lot 1348. Stanislaw Kamocki (1875 Warsaw – 1944 Zakopane). Interior view of the church of St. Stanislaw (St. Stanislaus) in Frydman (Friedmann)// Large-format, impressionistic work from the artist’s early oeuvre, probably from 1911, painted with a soft pastose style and in a light, pastel colouring. Kamocki studied from 1891-1900 at the Cracow Academy of Art under Jan Stanislawski, the founder of modern Polish landscape painting, and became one of his most important students; through two scholarships in Paris in 1901/02 and 1904/05 he also became acquainted with current international art trends. Kamocki, who belonged to the “Mloda Polska” (Young Poland) movement, preferred to paint outdoors and found the motifs for this on long journeys through Poland and neighbouring areas. From 1919 Kamocki headed the landscape painting class at the Krakow Academy, and in 1937 he became a professor. From 1899 on, he participated in numerous exhibitions, from 1906 also in the exhibitions of the Vienna Secession, of which he was a member from 1911 to 1918. Kamocki’s works can be found in the National Museums in Krakow and Warsaw, among others. Oil/floodwood; r. and signed; verso with reference to the date and verso 1911. 85 cm x 104 cm. Frame. /V/Oil on canvas. Signed. Inscribed and dated 1911 on the reverse. Estimate 8,500 euro. Schloss Ahlden. 09/06/20

Jan Stanisławski ? (1860 – 1907)

Jan Stanisławski ? Summer Landscape

Schloss Ahlden w najlepszej swojej formie. Pogratulować wyceny i pogratulować tak znakomitego literackiego opisu, ocierającego się o Nagrodę Nobla. Proponuję modlić się do tej pracy jak do świętego obrazka. W maju się nie udało ( ) z powodu chińskiego wirusa to może teraz się uda?

Lot 1271. Jan Stanislawski (1860 Olschana – 1907 Cracow). Summer Landscape. Under a high, slightly cloudy sky, farmsteads surrounded by trees are hinted at in the distance above the horizon. In the foreground harvested fields with only a few sunflowers, behind them, in the middle distance, green pastures. In pastose colour application and an impressionistic painting style, landscape details are captured summarily and with a few strokes in bright colour values. Stanislawski is considered one of the most important Polish landscape painters and a pioneer of Impressionism in Poland. He studied in Warsaw, Cracow and Paris, where he lived until 1895 and was strongly influenced by Monet. In 1887 he took over the landscape painting class at the art academy in Cracow and led his students to open-air painting. In 1898 he became a member of the “Wiener Secession” and exhibited there several times between 1901 and 1905. Craquelée. Oil/painting cardboard. L. and signed; 29.5 cm x 41 cm. Frame. Oil on cardboard. Signed. Estimate 14,000 euro. Schloss Ahlden. 09/06/20

Wlastimil Hofman ? (1881 – 1970)

Wlastimil Hofman ? Symbolistische Szene mit einem Hirtenknaben beim Bekrönen eines Engels mit einem Blütenkranz.

Konia z rzędem temu kto dostrzeże w tej pracy rękę Wlastimila Hofmana.

Lot 1361. Wlastimil Hofmann (1881 Prag – 1970 Szklarska Poreba/Schreiberhau/Polen). Symbolistische Szene mit einem Hirtenknaben beim Bekrönen eines Engels mit einem Blütenkranz. Öl/Malkarton. R. o. sign.; 19,5 cm x 25 cm. Rahmen. Reserve 550 euro. Kunstauktionshaus Schloss Ahlden. 09/05/20