Tadeusz Styka (1889 – 1954)

Tadeusz Styka. Portrait of Jayne Manners

Ciekawy portret amerykańskiej aktorki Jayne Manners. Tadeusz Styka wykonał wiele rysunków tej aktorki (poniżej) . Aktorka była piękna (fotografia) i chętnie pozowała malarzowu nie krępując się zbytnio dobiorem ciuchów, co widać na wielu rysunkach. Trudno nie dziwić się, że Tadeusz Styka tak chętnie ją malował au naturale.

Lot 107. TADE (TADEUSZ) STYKA (POLISH 1889-1954). Portrait of Jayne Manners, circa 1940-1945, oil on canvas, 104.5 x 76.5 cm (41 1/8 x 30 1/8 in.), signed lower left. PROVENANCE: Gift of the artist to the sitter; sitter’s collection until 1991. Thence by descent in the family. Estimate $10,000 -15,000. Shapiro. 07/25/20

The present painting depicts American Broadway actress Jayne Manners, n�e Jane Oppermann in Monticello, Georgia in 1908. In 1925, aged seventeen, the singer-actress relocated to New York, where she performed at the Shubert Theatre. Selected here are images of her billed (as “The Unpredictable” Jayne Manners) alongside the iconic Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis comedy duo, as well as posing beside Ray Bolger (best known for his role as Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz) during the 1942 production of “By Jupiter.” It was during her early Broadway career that Manners likely met Styka, who made the numerous nude �tudes and a painting of the young Jayne included here. The two remained in contact throughout Manners’ lifetime, as evidenced by the present portrait, produced at least a decade following their acquaintance, as well as later sketches of her brother, sister, and parents. Shown here en face, her graceful hands holding the sleeve of a fur coat draped over one shoulder, Manners epitomises not only the classic “American beauty” type Styka preferred to paint, but the vitality of colors and brushstrokes for which he was so sought after in his lifetime and remembered for today.

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