Judyta (Jehudith) Sobel (1924 – 2012)

Kolejne dwie prace Judyty Sobel. Zwraca uwagę solidność opisu biograficznego w związku z oczekiwaniem, moim zdaniem,  wysokich cen sprzedaży (estymacja jest wysoka!). Nie należy się ekscytować.


Lot 102. Jehudith Sobel. Scene of a Brick House With a Tree in Front. Description: Oil on canvas, framed. Signed and dated lower left ‘J Sobel 1965.’ Provenance: purchased from the Estate of a German businesswoman. Sobel’s use of a bright color palette, short brushstrokes, and impasto reflect the influence of the artist’s Impressionist contemporaries, like Matisse and Bonnard. Sobel was born in Poland and attended the Academy of Fine Art in Lodz, Poland. She studied among fellow Abstract Constructivists like Wladyslaw Steminski and Stefan Wegner. Sobel then moved to Israel where there was an emerging art scene, and was exhibited in galleries and museums including the Museum of Modern Art at Haifa. In 1956, Sobel moved to New York where she again exhibited in major galleries and institutions, including The Jewish Museum, where she was one of the first two women to be featured in a two-person exhibition. Source: AskArt and The Jewish Museum, New York, N.Y., “Shifting the Gaze: Painting and Feminism.”. Appears to be in good condition. Dimensions: 35″ High, 28″ Wide. Medium: Oil on canvas. Date: 1965. Estimated Price: $6,000 – $8,000.


Lot 103. Jehudith Sobel. Abstract Cafe in the Park Scene. Oil on canvas, framed. Signed lr ‘J. Sobel’. Provenence: purchased from the Estate of German businesswoman. 36.75 x 24.5 in. Estimated price $9,000-12,000.

Lofty.com. June 14, 2014

One thought on “Judyta (Jehudith) Sobel (1924 – 2012)

  1. Love Ms. Sobel’s work. She deserves a show at a major museum, specially her 50’s and 60’s work.

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