Jan Ksawery Kaniewski (1805 – 1867)

Jan Ksawery Kaniewski. Feines Portrait eines Knaben, 1832

Dużej klasy artystycznej portret chłopca, wykonany akwarelą, przez znakomitego portrecistę i miniaturzystę Jana Kaniewskiego. Portret licytowany na peryferyjnym zakamarku aukcyjnym został jednak wytropiony i doceniony.

No. 61330789. Jan Kaniewski (1809-1870) – Feines Portrait eines Knaben. Very finely crafted portrait of a boy in a blue anorak and a white ruffled shirt. Handsigned right Kaniewski 1832. Jan Ksawery Kaniewski (1805-1867), also known in Italy as Francesco Saverio, was a Polish painter who portrayed many personalities, including Tsar Alexander II, Pope Gregory XVI, his portraits of people were particularly popular with members of the imperial family and the Polish and Russian nobility. The special original frame is beautifully crafted from maple wood with an internal gilt molding. The painting comes from family ownership, will be shipped securely packed in hard cardboard via UPS. Martin. Estimate €300- 500 08/26/22. Sold €1,255

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