Tadeusz Makowski (1882 – 1932)

Tadeusz Makowski. List

List Tadeusza Makowskiego z rysunkiem artysty. Obiekt mogący zainteresować kolekcjonera autografów jak też sztuki.

Tadeusz Makowski. List

Lot 945. JOZEF TADEUSZ MAKOWSKI (TADE MAKOWSKI) (1882-1932) Autograph letter signed. Espaly (Le Puy), 24 September (1920) 2 pages on one sheet 26 x 22,5 cm approximately. In French. Weakened edge on the drawing page, small restored damages affecting some words but not affecting the sketch. Autograph letter signed to his Parisian modern art dealer, Georges Chéron, illustrated with an original watercolour and pencil drawing of four farm workers. Preparatory sketch of an important painting which Makowski refers to in his letter. “… I am working a lot and as the weather is still good I hope to take advantage for some studies outside. I would like to stay until 15 October…” “… I have things that are a little more daring in colour and form – I believe that it is the form and always the form that must be deepened – We are living in a time when the plastic truths of form need research and affirmation. This is the problem that worries me more and more…… ” Polish painter and illustrator Tadeusz Makowski, better known as Tadé Makowski, settled in Paris in 1909 and was influenced by Cubism and Fauvism. When the First World War broke out, as a citizen of an enemy state (part of Poland annexed by Austria), he left Paris and went to live in Brittany in the Finistère, invited by his friend Wladyslaw Slewinski. He returned to the capital at the end of the war. In the years that followed, he made several trips, notably to Brittany and Auvergne where he discovered the village of Espaly, where he experienced a return to nature and reflected on his way of painting. In 1932 he fell seriously ill, but although very weakened by the illness, he undertook a last trip through Belgium and the Netherlands during which he painted a lot. He died on 1 November 1932 in Paris. Estimate 2,500 – 3,000 euro. Hermitage Fine Art. 03/26/22. Sold 2,500 euro

Czesław Wasilewski (1875 – 1947)

Czesław Wasilewski. Winterliche Fahrt mit Pferdefuhrwerk

Olej sygnowany jest nazwiskiem Czesława Wasilewskiego, który utożsamiany jest również z F. lub I. Zygmuntowiczem. To utożamianie trwa już od dziesiątek lat, choć kto krył sie pod tymi dwoma pseudonimai to już było wyjaśnione na tym blogu i można odszukać. Nazwisko jest pseudonimem a okres życia jest wymyślony i powielany od lat. Kompozycja z aukcji jest zgrabna i autor potrafił machnąć jak ten spory obrazek zapewne na posiedzeniu.

Lot 171. Wasilewski, Czeslaw (Warschau, Lodz 1875-1947). Winterliche Fahrt mit Pferdefuhrwerk. Sign. Öl auf Lwd. 49×80 cm. (Riss am ob. Bildrand, etwas wellig u. Delle links unten). Starting 960 euro. Leo Spik. 03/24/22. Sold 2,400 euro.