Lwowskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Sztuk Pięknych

Lwowskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Sztuk Pięknych

Tym razem zamiast pracy malarskiej przedstawiam rzecz związaną z lwowskim Towarzystwem Przyjaciół Sztuk Pięknych. Jest to niezwykle rzadki kupon potwierdzający przyjęcie Wielmożnego Pana Zielińskiego Ludwika w dniu 16 września 1869 roku w skład członkówTPSP. Na kwicie mamy dwie sygnatury założycieli TPSP we Lwowie: Prezesa TPSP hrabiego Leszka Dunin Borkowskiego (m.in. adiutanta gen. Krukowieckiego w Powstaniu Listopadaowym) oraz sekretarza Konstantego Dzbańskiego. Ciekawe są życiorysy obu postaci.

Lot 602. SOCIETY OF THE FRIENDS OF FINE ARTS. Description: 1869 LWOW. Share nom. of 5 Zl.10c. brown, green. No 43. “The Society of Friends of the Fine Arts”. Formed Lwow, in the 1860s. In 1854 a Society for Friends of Fine Arts was formed in Krakow. The members bought shares that entitled them to participate in the annual lottery works of art purchased by the Board of Directors and to receive a free bonus in the form of high-quality graphics (usually a well-known painting reproduction). A similar society, which issued this share, was formed in Lwow some years later. These societies (also in Poznan) enabled the works of many famous and less famous artists, particularly Polish, to reach many Polish homes in cities outside Warsaw, the capital. This particular company was known as a strong supporter for the expansion of the L’viv theater. This theater was constructed in 1837 by Stanislaw Skarbek, an aristocrat from L’viv. With its 1460 seats, it was one of the three biggest theaters in Europe when it opened. Th first play was one by Grillparzer, but later on, the audience could also see Russian and Jewish plays. The first opera performed in the theater was Wagner’s Lohengrin (1877). In 1903, the Skarbek Theatre was rebuilt as a Vienna-style opera house. We know of only this one piece. A true top piece for any Polish collection. Estimate: €1,600 – €3,200. Booneshares. 04/10/21

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