Henryk Berlewi (1894 – 1967)

Henryk Berlewi. Mechano-Faktur, 1924-1960

Ta seriografia Henryka Berlewiego pojawia się czasami na aukcjach i zależnie od kondycji pracy ceny potrafią szybować dość wysoko. Niedawno w Lempertz sprzedano inny egzemplarz Mechano-Faktury za ponad 11,000 euro. Była to odbitka wyglądająca, moim zdaniem, nieco lepiej i z wyraźniejszą dedykacją i sygnaturą autora.

Lot 12. Henryk Berlewi, “Mechano-Faktur“, signed color silkscreen from 1960, framed. Henryk Berlewi, 1894 Warsaw – 1967 Paris, important Polish painter and graphic artist, also commercial graphics, print and book designs, 1923 in Poland member of the constructivist group Blok, 1924 exhibition in the gallery “Der Sturm”, Berlin, publication of the manifesto of the MechanoFaktur in the magazine “Der Sturm”, the Op art of the 1960s saw it as a forerunner, participation in the exhibition: The Responsive Eye, in the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1965); here: Constructivist composition, serigraph in colors, 42.5 x 37 cm, sheet size. 60.8 x 49.9 cm, reprint from 1960 of the 1924 graphic, paper evenly light browned, slightly stained and small scratches in the lower part on the right, num. 53/200, signed and with a handwritten dedication: “In a friendly reminder of our reunion in Berlin 6.7.63, H. Berlewi 1924 – 1960”, verso handwritten information on this sheet, under glass in a black frame (note: Fig. in Heinz Ohff, Gallery of New Arts, 1971). Estimate 5,000 – 6,000 euro. Starting 900 euro. Kunst und Kuriosa. 03/05/21

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