Aleksander Orłowski (1777 – 1832)

Aleksander Orłowski. oyageurs en hiver dans les environs de St. Petersbourg, 1926

Duża, kolorowa litografia (prawdopodobnie chromolitografia) wg akwareli Aleksandra Orłowskiego. Praca wygląda niemal na oryginalną pracę.

Lot 2109/196. Alexander Ossipovich Orlowsky (b. Varsovie 1777, d. Skt. Petersborg 1832). “Voyageurs en hiver dans les environs de St. Petersbourg”. 1826. Lithograph in colours. Visible size 47.5×59 cm. Estimate 2,000–3,000 kr. Rasmussen. 03/01/21

Henryk Epstein (1891 – 1944)

Henryk Epstein. Maternité, 1915

Zawsze szukałem na aukcjach zagranicznych czegoś więcej od pejzaży czy martwych natur tego artysty aż w końcu znalazłem. Jest to mój pierwszy wpis na blogu przedstawiający prace Henryka Epsteina, bardzo wczesna.

Lot 31. Henri Epstein (Polish, 1891-1944). Maternité, signed ‘H. Epstein’ (lower left), oil on canvas, 54 x 65cm (21 1/4 x 25 9/16in). Painted in 1915. Exhibited: Jewish Artists of the School of Paris, Artcurial Vienna – Artcurial Brussels – Artcurial Paris, 2015. Literature: Jewish Artists of the School of Paris 1905-1939, Somogy Éditions d’Art, p. 111.

Henri Epstein enrolled in Jakub Kacenbogen’s drawing school in Lodz, before studying at the School of Fine Arts in Munich. He visited Paris for the first time in 1912 prior to his service in the Polish army. He then returned to Paris and settled at La Ruche from 1913 to 1938 and studied at the Académie de la Grande Chaumiere. Although Epstein’s early work was influenced by Fauvism, he then adopted an expressionist technique. In 1921, he illustrated Gustave Coquiot’s Vagabondages and in 1925 Pierre Bonardi’s Les Rois du Maquis . He also probably contributed to the ephemeral Jewish artistic journal Machmadim published at La Ruche and to Renaissance magazine for which he wrote articles in Yiddish. In 1938 Epstein bought a house in Épernon which became his refuge during the Occupation. In 1944, Epstein was arrested by the Gestapo to be interned in Drancy camp and murdered in Auschwitz. Estimate 6,000 – 8,000 GBP. Bonhams. 03/03/21

Jean Lambert-Rucki (1888 – 1967)

Jean Lambert-Rucki. Untitled, 1955

Lot 79. Jean Lambert RUCKI (1888-1967). Untitled, painted sheet metal piece 1955 sculpture and dated 55 H. L. 106 cm; W.: 61 cm. Unique sculpture. Painted metal, signed J. Lambert-Rucki and dated 55 41.73 x 24.01 in. Provenance: Collection of Professor Pierre Lepine, France.
Note. In the 1950s until the end of his life, because of his heart problems, he worked mainly with sheet metal, wrought iron, autogenously welded, beaten, repoussé, polychrome welded sheet metal and iron, copper. All materials are good for him to express himself, the voids have for him the same importance as the full ones, by the shadowy caverns they hide and the accent they give to the relief”. Professor Lepine asked Jean Lambert Rucki to decorate his villa “Ombre Blanche” located in Beauvallon in the South of France. The artist decorated this quiet residence, on either side of the entrance, with two bucolic motifs of a very beautiful simplicity. The work presented is close to these frescoes. This work will be included in the catalogue raisonné being prepared. Estimate 30,000 – 40,000 euro. Maison R&C. 03/25/21

Aż trzy rzeźby Jeana Lambert Ruckiego z różnych okresów twórczości, różnym stylu i nakładzie. Powyżej rzeźba unikatowa, wykonana na specjalne zamówienie przez artystę. ‘Byk z profilu’ to jedna z ośmiu kopii, natomiast „Pies ze szczeniakiem’ jest odlewem pośmiertnym. Dodatkowo, obraz ‘Kompozycja z maskami’ dopełnia duży wybór prac tego artysty z polskimi korzeniami na nadchodzących aukcjach. W tym kontekście, warta polecenia jest książka o artysćie omówiona przez p. Krzysztofa Zagrodzkiego w dziale Book Reviews.

Jean Lambert-Rucki. Taureau de profil

Lot 146. Jean LAMBERT-RUCKI (Cracovie 1888 – 1967 Paris). “Taureau de profil“. Sculpture en bronze A patine ocre-rouge, noire et blanche. Fonte d’édition par la fonderie TEP. Signée “J. Lambert-Rucki” et du fondeur “TEP” sur la terrasse. Numérotée “3/8” sur la plinthe. 60 x 72 x 9,5 cm. Un certificat d’authenticité des ayant-droits de l’artiste sera remis A l’acquéreur. Estimate 12 000 – 15 000 €. Millon. 03/16/21

Jean Lambert-Rucki. Chienne et son chiot“, 1994

Lot 145. Jean LAMBERT-RUCKI (Cracovie 1888 – 1967 Paris). “Chienne et son chiot“, 1994
Sculpture en bronze A patine brune et verte nuancée. Fonte d’édition par la fonderie Candide.  Signée et daté “1994 J Lambert-Rucki” et numéroté “EA 3/4” accompagné du cachet de fondeur “Bronze d’Art Candide Paris”. 18 x 7 x 7 cm. Un certificat d’authenticité des ayant-droits de l’artiste sera remis A l’acquéreur. Estimate 6 000 – 8 000 €. Millon. 03/16/21

Jean Lambert-Rucki. Composition with masks, 1935

Lot 291. 291- Jean LAMBERT-RUCKI (1888-1967). Composition with masks, 1935. Tempera on cardboard laminated on panel. Signed and dated lower left: Lambert-Rucki, 35 35 x 27 cm. Provenance: Sale Versailles, January 25, 1976, n° 96. Bibliography: Jacques de Vos, Jean Lambert-Rucki 1888-1967, Galerie Jacques Devos, Paris, reproduced p.100 and described p.216. Estimate 5,000 – 6,000 euro. Mercier & Cie. 03/07/21