Mojżesz (Moise) Kisling (1891 – 1953)

Mojżesz (Moise) Kisling. Chabry, 1928

Podobaja mi się te czarne jagody w wazonie (Blueberries wg. katalogu). Twórca (twóczyni) katalogu chyba nigdy nie wiadział(a) chabrów na łące. Dlatego poiżej widoczek takiej łąki z chabrami oraz z makami (może i maków też nie znają). Dalsza część opisu jest OK.

Lot 150. MOÏSE KISLING (1891 1953). Blueberries, 1928. Oil on canvas signed lower left, 65 x 46 cm. Provenance: Private. Collection, Paris. Collection Jacques BAUMER, Paris. Drouot Sale September 30, 2016. Bibliographie : J. Kisling , “Kisling”, 1995, Vol. III, N°36 p.226. Sera reproduit en couleur dans le “Volume IV et Additifs aux Tomes I, II, et III” du Catalogue Raisonné de l’oeuvre de Moïse Kisling actuellement en préparation par Jean Kisling et Marc Ottavi. Estimate 40,000 – 50,000 euro. Delon – Hoebanx. 06/23/20

MOISE KISLING. Moïse Kisling was born in 1891 in Cracow, in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Although his parents intended him to be an engineer, he prefers to go to the SCHOOL of Fine Arts and follows the teaching of Joseph Pankiewicz, personal friend of Renoir and Bonnard. This led him to move to Paris in 1910, where he first settled in Montmartre before moving to Montparnasse where he occupied the same building as Pascin and Modigliani, with whom he became friends. He quickly established himself as one of the main artists of the Paris SCHOOL, notably alongside André Derain and Jean Cocteau. He joined the legion during the First World War, where he met Blaise Cendrars, and was discharged following serious injuries. It is the courage of his conduct that will earn him French nationality. The painting that we present for sale is one of his favourite themes that have been part of his work from the very beginning: human beings (with a marked preference for women), flowers… He strives to create an atmosphere, and to situate his portraits in time, through fashion, hairstyle, clothes…. The modern woman inspires him. The Second World War forces him to flee to the United States, where he lives in California before returning to France and more precisely to the French Riviera. This is where he will end his life in 1953.

Zbigniew Makowski (1930 – 2019)

Zbigniew Makowski. Inanna Descending Underground, 1967

Akwarela bigniewa Makowskiego z 1967 roku. Trudno mi powiedzieć, czy ta praca jest dobra, taka sobie czy słaba. Był już wtedy rozpoznawalnym malarzem, nie tylko w Polsce.

Lot 98. Zbigniew Makowski, Polish 1930-2019. Inanna Descending Underground, 1967; gouache and watercolour on paper, signed and dated 1967 lower right, 40 x 50.5cm (ARR). Provenance: Marlborough Fine Art Ltd., London, where purchased by the present owner. Exhibited: ‘Zbigniew Makowski: Recent Oils, Gouaches and Ink Drawings’, November-December 1968, no. 33. Estimate 800 – 1,200 GBP. Roseberys. 07/15/20