Augusta Kochanowska (1863 – 1927)

Augusta Kochanowska. Landschaft mit Sonnenblumen

Słownik Artystów Polskich podaje nieco inna datę urodzenia (1863 w Sadagórze) tej artystki. Augusta Kochanowska jest malarką zupełnie mi nieznaną i dlatego z przyjemnością prezentuję jej pracę.

Augusta Kochanowska (Kimpolung 1866 – 1927 Torui). Landschaft mit Sonnenblumen. Oil painting on canvas laminated over cardboard, painted around 1900 by the Polish artist Augusta Kochanowska, who was born in present-day Ukraine. The size of the painting is 28.5 cm x 15 cm, with frame 32 cm x 18.5 cm. Good overall condition.

Augusta Kochanowska was born on 6 July 1866 in Kimpolung (South Bukowina) and moved with her parents to Czernowitz in 1885. She attended the Czernowitzer Kunstschule and studied at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna, where she also gave painting lessons. Augusta Kochanowska was very conscious of the nature and the cultural environment of her home region and she conducted her own ethnographic studies, especially on the life of the Hutsuls, which she published in the “Zeitschrift für österreichische Volkskunde” between 1898 and 1908 (e.g. Auguste Kochanowska: Bukowinaer Jahrmärkte. Auguste von Kochanowska died on 7 December 1927 in Toruń (Poland). In 2013, the Czernowitzer Kunstmuseum published a catalogue of the artist’s life and work. Her paintings are also on display at the Literatur- und Gedenkmuseum Olha Kobyljans’ka in Czernowitz. Estimate € 220 – € 300. Catawiki.