Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (1885 – 1939)

Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz. Portret Mariana Zyndrama Kościałowskiego, 1928

Portret Mariana Zyndrama Kościałowskiego, polityka, byłego premiera okresu międzywojennego. Obraz dla kolekcjonerów twórczości Witkacego a także zwolenników sanacji piłsudczykowskiej (o ile jeszcze tacy żyją).

Lot 130. Stanislas Ignace WITKIEWICZ Dit Witkacy (1885-1939) Portrait of type B, made under the influence of N II 6m Pastel and charcoal, signed lower left, dated 1928 XII and annotated TB lower middle and N II 6m lower right. 62 x 47 cm. (Tear, small holes in the paper at the bottom). It could very probably be the portrait of Marian Zyndram Koscialkowski (1892-1946), future prime minister of Poland. Provenance: Koscialkowski family (Sale Koscialkowski, Tarbes 25/04/2004). Private collection from Bordeaux. TB in a circle, indicating that this portrait is Type B: “Genre with more character, but without anything caricatural. Work more jolted than in Type A, with traits of character, which does not exclude the “prettiness” in the female portraits. Objective reports of the model ” 250 Zlotys in 1932. N II 6m, corresponding to the mixtures of drugs that the artist took to execute his work. It is in 1928, that he uses for the first time the first time of “Peyote” hallucinogen that he qualified of “metaphysical drug”. Rules of the firm reproduced on page 85 of the book “S. I. Witkiewicz and painting” Grugten 1984 (Will be given to the buyer). “Today he is considered not only the most important personality of the Polish interwar period, but also the first to have shown Polish literature the way to modernity. As such, he is part of a famous trio, including also Bruno Schultz and Witold Gombrowicz” “Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz and European modernism” Anna Fialkiewicz-Saignes, 2006. Estimatie: 12 000 € – 18 000 €. BRISCADIEU BORDEAUX. 02/25/23


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