Wincenty Ślendziński (1837 – 1909)

Wincenty Ślendziński. Portrait of an old woman holding a rosarym 1889

Prace Wincentego Ślendzińskiego to spora rzadkośc na rynku choć niekoniecznie są doceniane lub poszukiwane. Portret wieśniaczki odmawiającej różaniec to dobra praca lecz mam wątpliwości czy zostanie dostrzeżona jej rynkowa jakość.

Lot 138. Wincenty Slendzinski, Polish/Lithuanian 1837-1909- Portrait of an old woman holding a rosary; oil on canvas, signed, inscribed and dated ‘1889’ (on the reverse), 85 x 70 cm. Provenance: Private Collection, UK. Note: Born in Lithuania, Sle?dzi?ski was particularly celebrated for his portraits rendered in the Realist style. He also produced frescoes for a number of prominent churches in Lithuania, including the Church of St Casimir and the chapel of Rasos Cememtary, both in Vilnius. Indeed, the subject of the present work – a devout woman clutching her rosary bears – is in itself a clear reflection of his interest in religion. Sle?dzi?ski’s masterful illumination of the scene, placing particular emphasis on the sitter’s hands, face, and grey hairs, against her dour clothes and austere, dark background, creates an intensely evocative atmosphere. The contrasting areas of darkness and light further draw the viewers’ eyes to the exceptionally detailed and unsparing rendering of the sitter’s features, which appear to be worn by hardship and age.  The artist had an interesting early life, prior to establishing himself as a successful portrait painter. In the 1860s, he joined a secret movement associated with the ‘Lithuanian Provincial Committee’, an organisation seeking independence for Lithuania. Following his participation in the January Uprising, he was arrested. After a short trial, he was sentenced to internal exile in Knyaginino, under strict police surveillance. In 1867, he was given permission to live in Kharkov, where he stayed until he was allowed to leave in 1872. He later moved to Dresden and it was here that he was to make a name for himself as an artist. Estimate GBP 1,200 – 1,800. Roseberys. 11/17/21. Sold 22,000 GBP

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