Leon Tarasewicz (1957)

Leon Tarasewicz. Untitled, 1994

Cztery metry długości (bez 10 cm) bardzo wybitnej pracy artysty, powstałej w wyniku burzliwego wysiłku intelektualnego.

Lot 100. Leon Tarasewicz. Untitled (Triptychon). 1994. Oil on canvas. Each signed on verso of the canvas, inscribed with the consecutive number and the dimensions as well as with additional information on the order. The first part also dated on verso. Each 190 x 130 cm (74.8 x 51.1 in). Total dimensions: 190 x 390 cm x 390 cm (74,8 x 153,5 in). PROVENANCE: Acquired directy from the artist. Estimate 30,000 – 40,000 euro. Ketterer. 12/11/20. Sold 65,000 euro

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