Ignacy Hirszfang (1895 – 1943)

Ignacy Hirszfang. Vase of flowers

Stosunkowo rzadki malarz na rynku. Kolejna ofiara Niemców w czasie II wojny światowej.

Lot 88. Ignacy HIRSZFANG (Tomaszów M. 1895 – deported 1943). Vase of flowers. Oil on canvas, signed lower right. 46 x 38,5 cm
From 1912 he studied with the symbolist painter Jacek Malczewski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and probably in Paris. Very soon he got close to the very active milieu of artists in the city of Lodz and joined the Society of Artists and Art Lovers “Start”. He exhibited in various Polish cities, often with Jewish art associations. Between 1927 and 1935 he visited France several times, in Paris and in the South of France. Hirszwang’s oils are relatively rare, his preferred means of expression being watercolour. His style remains variable: one finds in his paintings “traces” of Cézanne, compositions constructed with energetic colour patches, but also more classical paintings that can be assimilated to the “call to order” of the 1920s. Estimate 1,000 – 1,500 euro. Oger-Blanchet. 07/02/20. Sold 2,000 euro.

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