Iwona Lifsches (1953)

Iwona Lifsches. ‘Jazzy Night, 2020

Kolejna, bajkowo-kolorowa praca pani Iwony. Namalowana w maju tego roku.

Lot 5647925.Iwona Lifsches b. 1953. ‘Jazzy Night‘. Acrylic on canvas. Figurative composition from the series: ‘Frederik’s Daily Issues’. Sign Lifsches and verso denoted. Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm, (74×104). Iwona Lifsches was born in 1953 in Poland. She has studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and has won several awards for her paintings, both with the ‘Ulla’ series and ‘Frederik’s Daily Issues’ series. She won the Grand Prix at the 7th International Art Naif in Poland, 2014 and received a prize at the International Art Naif Exhibition in Saumur in France, September 2016 with similar figurative naivistic composition. Estimate dkk 9,000 (ca 1,200 euro), Lauritz. 05/28/20

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