Leszek Piasecki (1928 – 1990)


Jedyny pozytyw tej pracy to jej oprawa.

Lot 0093. LESZEK PIASECKI (1928-1991) – polish painter, learned in Lvov (now Ukraine) in the Szkola Przemyslu Artystycznego and privately – with Z. Rozwadowski and S. Kaczor-Batowski. In years 1946-1952 was studing in ASP in Krakow with F. Pautsch, I. Pieńkowski, J. Holiński and J. Fedkowicz. Friend of Karol Kossak, who sometimes cooperated with. From 1794 living in Vienna. Author of portraits, batalistic scenes, Horsens and hunting scenes. Due to this subjects sometimes was called “Viennese Kossak”. Exhibitions in Warsaw, Krakow, Moscow, Odessa and several Times in Veinna.

Oil on canvas, depicting the tent of Arabic nomads (male and female), with woman sitting inside and man standing and feeding the horse. Signed “Leszek Piasecki”. Dimensions: frame 64,6 x 53,1 cm. Visible part of the painting 38,3 x 27,2 cm.

Estimate€1,500-€1,800. Karabela. 03/28/17

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