Plakat z czasów wojny polsko-bolszewickiej (1920)


Warto zobaczyć ku przestrodze to bolszewickie propagandowe gówno. Z niedowierzaniem czytam, że plakat był drukowany w Krakowie w 1920 roku, choć 25 lat później nie brakowało również w Krakowie polskich bandytów wysługujących sie boszewizmowi.


Lot 13. Niech żyje Polska Socjalistyczna Republika Rad! [Long Live the Polish Socialist Soviet Republic!], a Polish language poster by an anonymous artist, 1920, 96 x 71 cm.

This is a last minute arrival, and we had little time to research this poster. That it dates to Russo-Polish conflict of 1920, and calls for the replacement of the Polish government with a Soviet style regime, does not seem in doubt; but we find the consignor’s further assertion that it was surreptitiously published in 1920 in Krakow difficult to believe. In all likelihood, the poster was either ordered by the short-lived Polrevkom (Tymczasowy Komitet Rewolucyjny Polski [Provisional Revolutionary Polish Committee]) regime in Bielostok (a point of view popular with bloggers showing the poster on the internet), or produced by the Polish Communists’ Printing House in Kiew. The latter continued to produce posters calling for the revolution in Poland all through 1920, even after it became clear that the Red Army offensive had been repelled.

Search extension words /key tags: Russian poster, Soviet propaganda poster. Estimate $2,000 – $3,000. Mercer Auctions. October 26, 2014.

Julian Fałat ??? (1853 – 1929)


Założę się, że nie.


Lot 146. JULIAN FALAT (POLAND 1853-1929), WATERCOLOR ON PAPER, HAYSTACKS, SIGNED AND TITLED, STAMPED VERSO. 12 X 18″; FRAMED AND GLAZED-16 X 22″. Estimate $1,000 – $1,500. William J. Jennack. Oct 12, 2014.